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    Sylval's OP utility build



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    Sylval's OP utility build

    Post  Sylval on Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:07 pm

    Let me start off by saying that I think there are more than a few viable ele builds out there that are at least worth testing. This is the first I have come up with that not only is fun to play... but is also EXTREMELY flexible for different play styles.

    It's an Auramancer build, which means it's built around boon duration and granting your entire group constant buffs and heals while still dealing moderate sustained dps with high burst because... you're an ele hehe. This is how I am setup right now, although I do plan on trying out a zerker build.... because who wouldn't want to be a zerker with protection, fury, swiftness, and 15 stacks of might up 100% of the time =).

    Armor- Either crafted or farmed Power-Vitality-Toughness gear.

    Runes- This is part of the key for this build.... The Superior Rune of Water and the Superior Rune of The Monk are static and provide a +30% boon duration for ALL BOONS you cast on yourself or on others. the third set will depend on your role. I am using the Earth set for an additional +20% to protection duration since that allows me almost 100% uptime for that on my entire group. You could swap in the Superior Rune of Strength for example to increase might duration to allow for more stacks.

    Weapons - Power-Vitality-Toughness double daggers ( the AC ones are easiest to get ).

    Sigils - There is allot of flexibility here once again on what you feel you need for the role... since this build is lacking in allot of points in fire or air for straight dps, I use the Superior Sigil of Battle for 3 stacks of might every 10 secs on weapon swapping, which when you have at least +50% to all boons cast that can easily maintain 10 stacks, or with the runes of strength I am guessing 15ish.

    Jewelry - This is a debate for me, since I already have a tankish build simply due to protection being up virtually 100%.... Do I want more survivability or more dps... I opted for the full crafted emerald set with Precision-Power-Toughness.

    Now for the build.

    Air- 10 points, with Zephyr's Boon.

    Earth- 10 points, with Elemental Shielding.

    Water- 30 points, with Cleansing Wave - Aquamancer's Alacrity - Powerful Aura

    Arcana- 20 points, with Elemental Attunement, Renewing Stamina

    These will not change, it is the only viable auramancer build if you want to provide the most group utility and still bring some moderate to high dps depending on your gear.... in my opinion at least. And double dagger is the only viable way to be a real auramancer for now, since that is the only way to get 2 aura's to maintain boons.

    I know this looks mildly complicated... but once I tried this spec, I doubt I'll ever try another on my ele. I'll just create variations of this one for different roles. That's about all I can say =)


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    WvW build 1

    Post  Sylval on Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:06 pm

    For my wvw build I used the same pow-vit-toughness armor, however I switched to zerker daggers for more dmg output since I have enough survivability with protection up most of the time. Along with zerker jewelry.

    My trait build is....

    20 Air, with Zephyr's Boon and Aeromancer's Alacrity

    10 Earth, with Elemental Shielding

    20 Water with Aquamancer's Alacrity and Cleansing Wave

    20 Arcana, with Elemental Attunement and Renewing Stamina

    I still use the water-monk-earth rune sets for the boon duration and 20% to prot, for sigils I am using Hydromancy and Battle for additional control and stacks of might for those pesky people who think they can out last you in this spec.

    this is also a good solo spec I might add.

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