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    Bladie's Thief Build [Sword & Pistol]

    Alpha Bladie

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    Bladie's Thief Build [Sword & Pistol]

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:56 am

    The goal is to assassinate key players. It's a hit and run build and has little survivability. If played right and with intense training, you WILL survive with this build and you WILL be recognized with this unique playstyle.

    Secondary Weapon ---
    Is none else then a short bow. This will help you survive with disabling shot [3 skilll] and Infiltrator's Shot [5 skill]

    You can use double daggers for more aggressive offensive defense play, but I'm still rolling with short bow cuz I have not yet master the art of dodging Sad...

    Healing skill - Withdraw: roll backwards and evade attacks, curing immobolize, chill, cripple. 15 seconds cooldown, instantaneous heal but less heal (totally worth it for wvwvw)

    (these two utilities are always used)
    Haste - 4 seconds of quickness, losing your endurance and stop regeneration for 4 seconds (i think)
    Infiltrators signet - teleports to target. Passive effect is gain 1 initiative every 10 seconds

    (my third utility i switch back and forth with these skills in wvwvw depending on the situation)
    Signet of shadows - (for the 25% movement) while in commander
    assassin's signet - passive gain power, next 5 attacks increase by 15%
    Scorpian wire - throw wire and pull target to you
    Roll for initiative - rolls back and evade, gaining 6 initiative (stun break)

    Elite - Dagger storm: aoe that reflects projectiles, crippling and bleeding enemies. You can move around while using Dagger Storm. Duration is 7 seconds i believe

    Traits are....
    10 deadly arts (condition duration and power increased 100)
    --Mug trait (dealing damage everytime you steal)

    30 critical strike (Precision increased 300, Critical damage increases 30%)
    --II Signets of power [everytime you activate a signet, gain 5 stacks of might for 5 seconds]
    --III Slide Strike [+7% chance to critical everytime you hit target from the back or side]
    --XI Executioner [Deal 20% more damage when foe is under 50% HP]

    30 Trickery {Condition Damage increase 300, Steal recharges 30% faster)
    --Thrill of the Crime [Everytime you steal you gain swiftness, fury, might for 10 seconds]
    --Trickster [Recharge trick skills 20% faster] This is just golden for Haste (gaining 4 seconds of swiftness)
    --Hastened Replenishment [everytime you heal you gain 4 initiatives]

    For your gears it doesn't really matter tbh.. If you wanna go full glass cannon then go berserkers. If you wanna go tanky yet do damage then get power/toughness/vit gears. I use Rune of the Eagle for that Precision

    I run with valkyrie sets giving me power, vit and additional critical damage, then my accessories give me power, toughness, and precision w/ an asassin backpack power/precision/critical dmg+

    Weapon choice --
    Sword- Power, Precision and Critical damage
    Superior Sigil of fire: 30% chance to do an aoe of flame (5 seconds of cooldown) Additional damage if you're crit, why not? Flame aoe can go 1k+
    pistol - power, precision, and critical damage
    Superior sigild of impact: 10% additional damage when foe is stunned or knocked down. This skill is going to give you an extra big boost when you're using pistol whip + haste. The stun is 1/2 seconds long but w/ quickness you can get almost all your hits in thus giving your a big dps boost with this sigil. You can pull off 3 pistol whips w/ haste (in 4 seconds!) when done right. Very Happy

    Short bow - power, precision and critical or you can go for vit/toughness bow
    superior rune of Energy - Gain 50% of endurance back upon swapping to this weapon.

    This build is strictly all about doing massive dps in short periods of time without being noticed. It's survivability is all about teleportation and dodging.

    teleportations - Infiltrator's strike [#2 skill], infiltrator's signet, and steal (steal is a VERY important skill) and Infiltrator's arrow (#5 skill on bow)
    dodges - Disabling shot [#3 skill on bow), your two dodges, withdraw (heal skill), and roll for initiatives

    (You'd be surprise how long I can survive just on dodging and teleporting)

    This build is all about being flashy, in your face build. To me that's art! Very Happy
    This is by far the best build to counter BS thieves. har har har!
    Alpha Bladie

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    Re: Bladie's Thief Build [Sword & Pistol]

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:10 am

    If you have any questions please ask away. I have been doing studying and calculations and testing since pre-launch. I truly believe this is one of those unique and best pistol whip glass cannon build.


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    Re: Bladie's Thief Build [Sword & Pistol]

    Post  Darkguest on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:37 pm

    i may just have to try this build once i get my full vit/tough/power gear Very Happy it does sound like a whole lot of fun

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    Re: Bladie's Thief Build [Sword & Pistol]

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