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    How to make a necromancer, Toilieban style.



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    How to make a necromancer, Toilieban style.

    Post  Toilieban on Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:40 pm

    This is an analysis of abilities and traits available to a Necromancer and how to make the most of them. With an eye on wvw and pve, many of the things here could be applied to spvp.

    Minions Are Useless

    2 of our ultimates kill our minions. Being moad kills our minions. Our minions simply don't attack / wont stop attacking. They die in large wvw fights due to the aoes. Basically, minions as a build are worthless. Do remember that your wurm is a stun break / teleport and the bone minions are combo finishers though! Forcing your golem to charge a stationary object results in immense damage. But these occasions are specific. Don't make a build for them.

    Condition Necro Does Not Work

    Thats right folks, you heard it here first. Flatly with the amount of condition removals available to players, the fact that a downed player will remove all conditions and the slow nature of conditions mean that a necro simply cannot select conditions as a primary attack attribute.

    Non Crit Is Not Viable

    Taking power without critical is not a viable build either. Crits add 100%+ damage to every attack.

    Combination Condition And Crit/Power Is Necessary

    Seemingly to counter the first thing I said, we must include conditions in our build. By selecting the Curses trait line we gain automatic condition damage. The Spite line also gives us condition duration. We have amazingly strong abilities to spread conditions among enemies and this can be a real deal breaker. With 2 methods of gaining might, we also stack a considerably stronger condition spec than other classes without aiming to. By attempting to maximize our crits, we have produced a hybrid build.

    Key To a Great Offense Is Great Defence

    All attack is not good either. This attack potential must be balanced by survivability. Necromancers can pepper the enemy weakening them with a nice success rate but the simple fact is you will have to stand toe to toe with people. You will take damage and you need to live, in order to further delight the undead amoungst us.

    The Balanced Necromancer


    Knowing all these things, we have to aim for a combination of power, crit, and defence. Considering the Necromancer's large health pool, the easiest way to increase our survivability is to stack toughness. Power, crit and toughness is the Knights set for equipment, Knights Destroyer Dagger is an example of what you need. Power, precision, toughness equips are also available from dungeons, specifically SE and Arah. Currently, I am migrating my runes over to Superior Runes of Divinity, which further increase our survivability as well as add a good deal of attack. Truely believe these are the best for our purposes. For Sigils, we want a large variety.

    1 dagger must have Sigil of Superior Accuracy
    1 weapon must have Sigil of Superior Accuracy

    Notice the same name but different effects. You will want to stack accuracy then swap to a different weapon. With those two you will want to pick some of the following. Please note that these SHARE cooldowns, so only use 1 on a weapon set. Dagger with accuracy always in offhand when dual wielding. Effects on weapon swap are not for us.

    Sigil of Superior Air
    Sigil of Superior Fire

    Pick which one you prefer of the above two.

    Sigil of Superior Strength would appear to be a good choice, but there is a 2s cooldown on its activation and Air will always add more damage.
    Sigil of Superior Earth is for pure crit condition builds, if at all. Do not be tempted!

    Weapon setups you will wish to have include.

    * Dagger offhand is currently the strongest for necromancers, without question.
    * Staff. Use this with wells to defend a keep, or pepper from afar. Your 4 will trigger aoe blast effects on the wells. Probably putting a sigil of Fire on this weapon will be most effective.
    * Dagger / Dagger - Dagger mainhand is our highest dps by some margin. Also the reason you will want to be somewhat tanky. Either sigil works well with a dagger mainhand.
    * Scepter / Dagger - Having this option is very effective for one simple reason. When on the walls of a keep you can toss your well out, drop your marks adding some aoe blasts then swap to the scepter. Do a few hits and cast epidemic. A free tonne of damage on a lot of people. Either sigil can be used for this. Requires curses (11) Lingering Curse.


    Here is the basic build.

    * First tier minor traits are all somewhat useless. The one exception being Reanimator in Death Magic. This is positively ghastly. Can wipe a group in arah. Apparently opposing players can no longer rally off the jagged horror. Because of this I simply don't spec into the tree. Orientated towards minion master builds.
    * In Spite, Reapers Might (VI) is an extremely strong trait, granting additional considerable additional damage for each autoattack in death shroud. Death into life adds a lot of healing.
    * In Soul Reaping, Unyielding Blast is similarly overpowered and must be chosen. Last Gasp is a very strong minor trait at 2nd tier.
    * That leaves 20 points in Curses without any Major trait selected. The major traits of this tree are very strong and can be selected for the most appropriate usage.
    - Second tier minor trait Furious Demise is extremely strong, granting 20 crit when entering Death Shroud.
    - Curses (1) Toxic Landing - Use this when running about and jumping off cliffs.
    - Curses (2) Hemophilia - For Scepter usage
    - Curses (4) Weakening Shroud - Free Enfeebling Blood when you enter death shroud? Protects you, does a lot of damage. Awesome. Smile
    - Curses (3) Doesn't work properly. Curses (5 & 6) are just plain bad.
    - Curses (7) Master Of Corruption - I have this on most of the time.
    - Curses (9) Focused Rituals - Ground targeted wells. For long range stationary fights.

    We have 20 points spare to place as you wish. Some highlights of where you can place them include.

    * Soul Reaping 30
    - Reaping gives you more death shroud (survivability) and crit damage.
    - Allows access to Soul Reaping (11) Foot in the Grave, wondrous for fighting Lupicus in Arah and in wvw.
    - Major trait at 20 is rather poor.
    - Strength of Undeath is one of our better ultimate minor trait. - On par with Target the weak in Curses.

    * Curses 30
    - More precision and condition damage.
    - Allows the effective use of a scepter through Curses (11) Lingering Curse.
    - Can select a lower trait which is strong.
    - Target the Weak is one of the better ultimate minor traits. - On par with Strength of Undeath in Soul Reaping.

    * Spite 20
    - Allows Spite (4, 7, 9 or 10) all strong options.
    * Spite 30
    - Siphoned Power is not as good as it should be for an ultimate minor trait.
    - Spite (11) Axe Training allows axes to be actually useful. Smile
    - Spite (12) Close to Death adds power related damage, but does not affect condition damage.

    * Blood Magic 10/20
    - We gain 10 HP / vit. This will give us 1k/2k HP extra, certainly not to be sniffed at.
    - Healing isn't as effective on necromancers as we would hope.
    - Some strong traits available.
    - Debatable value of minior traits.
    - Siphon traits / skills aren't as strong as would be desired.
    - Blood Magic (10) Quickening Thirst is very effective for running about.

    * Given that I have read that players no longer rally from jagged horrors, I shall have to test out the Death Magic tree. Providing both boon duration and toughness it would certainly appear to be a strong option. The minor traits are still completely useless however.


    * Blood is Power - Our most important skill. Boosts damage 20%.

    * Minion skills. These are minor but necessary to fully exploit your necromancer's strengths.
    - Bone minions. Explode them to create an aoe blast.
    - Wurm. Use it to break stun and get to hard to reach places.
    - Flesh Golem. Throw it into packs of enemies to keep attention off you for a second. Charge into stationary objects for huge damage.

    * Plague - Start skill, press 2, run into pack. Blind from plague does not work with curses (3).
    * Spectral Grasp actually works now, sometimes.
    * Epidemic - Spread those conditions in wvw!
    * Spectral Walk - Use it to break stun and gain swiftness. Great for running about the map but not so effective as we would like due to snare still working.
    * Well of Suffering - Huge damage, and vulnerability.
    * Corrupt Boon - Great for those enemy builds that max boon durations. Otherwise useless.
    * Signet of Undeath - Fantastic for dungeons. Marginally useful elsewhere. Very difficult to pick up allies in wvw as they will likely teleport / run away from your cast location.

    * For healing you rarely wish to use anything other than Consume Conditions. It has the quickest cooldown, removes conditions and can heal for the greatest ammount.

    There are times to use other skills, sure but I'd certainly say that these are the most important.

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