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    New Alliance for EBAY :)



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    New Alliance for EBAY :)

    Post  Bao on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:48 pm

    Hi every.

    I would like to inform all, that after a watching numerous amounts of guilds leave Gunnar's Hold on the Eu ranking Tier 6 list, to alternate winning EU servers. Over time Gunnar's hold has become a low populated server for both world vs world and Pve, dungeons and explorable area's.

    From our communities initial teething problems on Gunnar's server, against hardcore rvr guilds like CiR, causing nothing but drama for our community, and watching them leave. Gunnars dropped from 2nd tier 6th place, right down to 19th 6th tier, with more and more competition each week.

    I personally liked the community of Gunnar's server. (The none elitist guilds) and the friendly atmosphere was Excellent. Everyone worked very well together, THE ONLY DOWNFALL was the numbers, and the interest from guilds on other servers, not moving to Gunnars hold..

    I was informed 24 hours before I decided to make a move myself that 2 more good commanders had left gunnars hold. 1 went to piken (Gunnars current opponents) I was also informed that a few project Golem alliance' guilds had left the server. This simply pushed me and the GM's of KISS to come to a final decision to move server. We had to decide where to go, where we would not get accused of, jumping ship to a alternate EU winning server. so we decided to cut out this issue all together.

    We have now moved from EU Gunnar's Hold to US Ehmry Bay. All in all the final decision on server was my own.. supported by the GM's of KISS. Within 2 hours possibly 200+ have moved to our new home EBAY as we call it Smile

    I chose this server for "Very high PVE population with good wvw, in the same tier as Gunnars Hold, and that KISS will make a good wvw, crew for EBAY. EBAY commanders and leaders are pleased a large International such as KISS, has chosen to move to their server. They made us very welcome so far, A few have been on teamspeak to Introduce themselves.

    With the 200+ KISS that have currently moved to EBAY all even South African gamers have not complained of lag, 1 person had an issue with his latency whilst playing the thief, I hope it was a night of lag for him only. Everyone else in KISS was impressed. Whilst some may know we previously had American gamers in KISS on EU Gunnars hold who never complained of lag, and now the table has turned as KISS members will play on American server, with no lag.

    I hope everyone understands the move from our point of view, I am fully aware we cannot please 100% of our members and would accept that we may lose upto 40% of roughly 1200 members that will not move server with us. We do hope you join us, None the less KISS has to move forward to a better future in pve & pvp on EBAY. If you do chose to not join us on EBAY, we wish you well on your server of choice in the future.

    A personal message from myself: I will miss all the members that do not wish to join us on US server Ehmry Bay I will miss the fun night of spanking wvw, with LoE (Lord of England) most of all, Sheepie Mezz top player. Nidhog from Vitas, Such a nice guy.. I would like keep in touch with you guys.
    Aisina, is the best there is for Gunnars Hold community and I wish you all the very best.

    Notes: I would like to point out, DoRF guild from Gunnar's Has also moved to EBAY server with KISS 3 more are following, to support KISS in its new venture and wvw, domination! we made a huge DINT in Maguma borderlands and Eredon Terrace lastnight. good work. KISS will remain.. how can I say this, nobody's bitch? we are still an entity of KISS and will not be forming alliance with outside guilds, how ever we are still the friendly community everyone joined, and will 100% work with Ehmry bay guilds in pve/pvp.

    If you are unsure about moving server; I can confirm it is free, it also gives you a chance to move server 7 days later if you do not like it. Simply do the following.

    Go to your character selection screen.
    Bottom left hit world transfer.
    Top right of the window change server list to American.
    Click on Ehmry Bay server.
    Click tranfer. (It will now restart your game and put you on EBAY server with us)


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    Re: New Alliance for EBAY :)

    Post  Bao on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:50 pm

    forgot to mention information was provided by Rishy, i just go and find some more info


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    Re: New Alliance for EBAY :)

    Post  Toilieban on Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:19 pm


    Really seem to lack people atm. And aim. Walking about in wvw tonight I just saw people doing insane things. Running away from a battle for no reason, waiting till half the people were wiped then running back. Think we gotta get Aeterna commanders in there and force the issue. I hear that KISS were some extremely strong guild in the original guild wars but I am waiting to be impressed. Hope tomorrow fares better!

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    Re: New Alliance for EBAY :)

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