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    Application and reorganizing

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    Application and reorganizing

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:20 am

    Alright guys after much MUCH debating with the leaders and the recent reorganization we've done with the guild, we will be withdrawing the application section. The app section is only a great idea when we have 90+ members and are in need for more hardcore players.

    Back in Ferguson's Crossing, there were a fair amount of people who knew who we were and therefore recruiting was easy. The app was made because there were just too much recruiting and not enough people willing to do wvwvw.

    Thanksgiving being over, we're going to start a major boost in recruiting and hoping to recruit people who are fresh in gw2 and are willing to be active, respectful, and most of all do wvwvw.

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