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    My Vision for WvWvW


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    My Vision for WvWvW

    Post  SJ on Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:54 pm

    When I applied to be an officer here, I promised I would help with recruitment as well as strategy and commanding in WvWvW. Here are my thoughts for how we could improve upon our current structure and organization for our dedicated WvWvW nights.

    First I think it is critical that we start utilizing the forums and posting a “sign-up” sheet for each scheduled WvWvW night. Not only will this allow us to keep track of regular attendance, it will be hugely beneficial to the guild officers to know ahead of time exactly who and how many people are coming. Perhaps the sign up sheet would allow people to select definitely coming or maybe coming, so we can accommodate flexible schedules.

    On the officers side, I like to look at this a lot like a PvE raiding situation. In order to dominate in WvW need to build our “raid” with respect to composition. For example, we need at least 3 mesmers on every single night we do WvWvW: we need to be able to move golums across the map in seconds, jump keep walls, and portal bomb throne rooms. We need a few tanky classes with crowd control and aoe. We need to make sure we bring enough ranged AoE dps to take down enemy trebs on walls. We also have roles to fill. We need to assign 2-3 people each night to be our supply managers and escort dolyaks/ensure supplies are safe. We need 2-3 people scouting our map (and keeping track of other BLs at all times). We need someone to manage communications with other commanders on the map and team chat. It shouldn’t be too hard to perfect our compositions as many people have multiple characters, and if we know whose coming beforehand we will know what classes we’re short on and be able to ask someone to switch classes.

    Attendence & Recruitment
    I understand that to implement the kind of composition that I described above we may need to recruit a few more people, but I also feel attendance has been down overall. Some of this was due to the holidays, some was due to moving servers, and some has just been due to people losing enthusiasm. The key to getting everyone more enthusiastic and more into it is to concretely organize the events and make the resulting domination greater than the sum of its parts. I say we play hard this Friday, and that we all start recruiting more actively. Feel free to refer any potential recruits you find to me or any other officer.


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    Re: My Vision for WvWvW

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:13 am

    I will talk to the other leaders regarding the sign up sheet. The original aeternas had that and it was extremely useful.

    Regarding the roles: i don't think we have the numbers anymore for that but we have always been unoficially doing that so for now lets concentrate on the numbers and qualities of new recruits. We will be discussing this matter as we find potentials in new recruits. And yes Dynaerys, we really have to be more active on the forums. But more then importantly, we have to start making this game feel more like a (fun gaming environment). Lets encourage everyone to using forums more often and get into the feel of helping the guild as a whole.

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