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    Your Build and Thoughts


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    Your Build and Thoughts

    Post  Juradas on Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:51 am

    Hello everyone, I wanted to get discussions going regarding what build you are currently using for you friendly neighbourhood Guardian.

    Currently I am a:

    20 trait in Prec. Signets CD reduced, 5% dmg for swords/spears

    30 trait in Tough. 5% to prec, 90+ Tough while using shield + shield skills 20% reduced CD, Given boons heal

    20 trait in Vit. Shouts CD reduced, 1 Might given to allies per crit

    I also have a mixed gear set mostly focusing on toughness, but minoring in healing and prec.

    Way I work:

    I receive a lot of healing through the use of my crits. Each crit I give might to 5 allies, but that also means I get 5 small heals of roughly 70-80 hp (70x5=350 per crit)

    With the large amount of my toughness, and the amount I have stacked into +healing, my HP pool may only be 15500 but I am very durable and it doesn't take much to keep my health up.

    This build works best sword and board and staff (keep a scepter for those long range). When I give 12 stacks of might to everyone using the 4th staff skill, I heal myself a ridiculous amount.
    (12x5x70 = 4200+2000 from the skill itself) so it doesn't take much to bounce back.

    Let me know how you guys are experiencing Guardians, concerns, questions etc.

    Thanks and have fun!

    Alpha Bladie

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    Re: Your Build and Thoughts

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:11 am

    damn we need more guardians that are full support! Sad ur one of the only few that's actually a legit wvwvw build lol

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    Re: Your Build and Thoughts

    Post  Rishy on Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:36 pm

    I'd love a support guardian for tPvP! Bunker build so strong <3

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    Condition Removal Shout Guardian (Spvp)

    Post  Icarus on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:51 pm

    Got a Spvp build i been testing.

    Condition Removal Shout Guardian

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    Re: Your Build and Thoughts

    Post  Chalupa on Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:22 pm

    I have been running with two different builds, The first is my good for everything spec that i made specifically for WvW, the second i use in sPVP.

    *I use a Greatsword Sceptor/Focus
    *Major Traits are:
    Valor(Meditations 20% faster, 5% toughness given as precision, heal when applying boon to allies)
    Honor(larger symbols, nearby allies gain might when you crit, symbols heal allies)
    *Slot Skills; Save Yourself(BUFFtastic), Judges intervention(close the gap fast), Bow of truth(more heals)

    +Great Survivability, Crits heal you when you have allies, buff and heal allies
    -Not much in the way of Burst dmg unless you gear up in Serker stuff

    Armor- Been going all out beserker and runes of divinity and have been quite succesful in achieving great dmg and survivability in PvE and PvP. Pow/tough/vit is great for extra Survive rate in WvWvW.

    *I use a sword/focus Sceptor/Torch
    *Major traits are;
    Zeal(10%dmg against foes on fire, Focus skill recharge 20%, focus is one of the few defensive things about this build)
    Radiance (Crit with one hand +15%, Sword dmg 5%, blind applies vulnerable)
    Virtue (retaliation last 25% longer, This is important for extra retaliation dmg which goes up whenever you activate a virtue, learn to balance the retaliations for maximum effect!)
    *Slot Skills; Save yourself, Retreat/hold the line, Stand your Ground

    +This build has the best burst with the added dmg against foes with conditions and foes on fire.
    -Not much Survivability built into traits other than focus and retaliation

    Armor- Anything with precision

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    Re: Your Build and Thoughts

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