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    Good Job on today's reset.

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    Good Job on today's reset.

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Sat Dec 01, 2012 4:38 am

    Hey guys, really good job. Really proud of everyone and their ability to stand their own ground. Got one new recruit out of tonight and hope we can do many more scheduled wvwvw other then friday's reset.

    Some things we need to work on is that when we are playing defense or offense and want to make a play as a guild, we have to have a faster reaction time.

    There are times when we have to split our forces and is actually fine and proved to help A LOT. But when we are all together, we HAVE to stick together.

    And remember guys... if you're using golems, make sure you take that fire oil down. Just because we have golems, it doesn't mean we'll win on default.

    20 out of 50+ members attended. That's really attendence. Now lets aim for 40+!!

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