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    Thief Self Heal options

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    Thief Self Heal options

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:27 am

    So this question often pops up, and after doing some research I was Shocked at the amount of self heals a Thief was capable of!

    So lets get right into it: (All data assumed to be @ lvl 80)

    Signet of Malice:
    Healing: 100/hit
    Healing Coefficient: 5%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000 +Healing SoM would heal for 150/Hit

    Assassin’s Reward:
    Healing: 69/initiative spent
    Healing Coefficient: 3.5%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000 +Healing AR would heal you for 104 per initiative spent

    Leeching Venoms
    Healing: 325/hit while any venom was active
    Healing Coefficient: 20%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+Healing LV would heal you for 525 per hit

    Superior Sigil of Blood
    Healing: 453/critical hit (30% chance)
    Healing Coefficient: 10%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+Healing SoB would heal you for 553 per critical hit (30% chance)

    Omnomberry Pie
    Healing: 325/critical hit (66% chance)
    Healing Coefficient: 10%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+Healing OP would heal you for 425 per critical hit (66% chance)

    Shadow’s Rejuvenation
    Healing: 293/sec while in stealth
    Healing Coefficient: 10%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+Healing SR would heal you for 393 per second while in stealth

    Shadow Refuge
    Healing: 355/sec for 4 seconds+1 on initial cast
    Healing Coefficient: 18%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+Healing SR would heal you for 535 on initial cast + 535/sec for 4 seconds

    Shadow Refuge Combo Finisher (Dark Field w/Projectile)
    Healing: 202/hit
    Healing Coefficient: 10%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+healing the finisher would heal you for 302 per hit
    note: Projectile finishers that hit multiple targets such as Dancing Dagger will trigger the Finisher heal for each enemy it hits. The Dark combo field will refresh each second you stand within it. So if you had 4 targets, you could use Dancing Dagger 4 times before the combo field ended for a maximum healing of 3232 (202*4=808*4=3232, or 4832 w/1000+Healing)

    Shadow Protector
    Healing: 130/sec (grats you and others that you stealth the Regeneration boon)
    Healing Coefficient: 12.5%
    EXAMPLE: with 1000+Healing SP would heal you for 255/sec

    So lets talk for a moment about strategy…

    Skill: Pistol Whip
    Hits your target 9 times
    Healing From:
    *Signet of Malice: 900 w/no+Healing, 1350 w/1000+Healing

    *Assassin’s Reward: 621 w/no+Healing, 936 w/1000+Healing

    *Superior Sigil of Blood: 453/crit w/no+Healing, 553/crit w/1000+Healing
    ~~~Assuming a 50% crit chance, at 9 attacks you would heal 4.5 times which would = 2038/Pistol Whip w/no+Healing, 2488/Pistol Whip w/1000+Healing (30% Chance)

    *Omnomberry Pie: 325/crit w/no+Healing, 425/crit w/1000+Healing
    ~~~Assuming a 50% crit chance, at 9 attacks you would heal 4.5 times which would = 1462/Pistol Whip w/no+Healing, 1912/Pistol Whip w/1000+Healing (66% Chance)

    *Leeching Venom: 325/hit with no+Healing, 525/hit w/1000+Healing for 5 attacks which would = 1625 w/no+Healing, 2625 w/1000+Healing

    TOTAL: 6646 w/no +Healing, 9311 w/1000 +Healing per use of the Pistol Whip skill (this of course varies based on your likelyhood of critical chance and the availiabilty of Venom skills).

    Skill: Shadow Refuge
    Cloak yourself and your allies and heal them over time
    Healing From:
    *Shadow Refuge: 355/sec for 5 ticks = 1775 w/no +Healing, 2675 w/1000 +Healing

    *Shadow’s Rejuvenation: 293/sec for 5 ticks = 1465 w/no +Healing, 1965 w/1000 +Healing

    *Shadow Protector: 130/sec for 5 ticks = 650 w/no +Healing, 1275 w/1000 +Healing

    TOTAL: 3890 w/no +Healing, 5915 w/1000 +Healing

    A Special Thanks to PopeUrban for the following information:
    Shadow Refuge Combo Finisher (Dark Field w/Projectile)
    Utilizing the skill Dancing Dagger from a Dark Combo Field

    *Healing from: Combo Finisher = 202+10% of Healing Power

    *Healing from: Signet of Malice = 100/hit+10% of Healing Power

    *Healing from: Assassin’s Reward = 69/initiative spent+3.5% of Healing Power

    TOTAL: per cast of Dancing Dagger hitting 2 targets: 1484 w/no+Healing, 2224 w/1000+Healing
    **Please note this does not include the chance to lifesteal on crit, or all the passive healing you get from standing within the Shadow Refuge.

    It would not be optiomal to take all of these forms of healing, as it would severly kitten your damage, also depending on the circumstances you may not get the full healing effect (i.e. the mob moves out of range of your Pistol Whip, or a mob plants an AoE on top of your Shadow Refuge forcing you to move.

    If anyone can think of any other ways to heal I would like to add them to this list. Equally if you find any errors in my math, or something just does not make sence please let me know.

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