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    It Glows! (Guide to easy AC)


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    It Glows! (Guide to easy AC)

    Post  Juradas on Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:29 pm

    Hello everyone, so I got this object of badass machinery in the Ascalon Catacombs (also known as AC)

    So if you want a sweet piece of pipe like this, ALL weapons at the Vendor have the same effect, take your pick!

    In order to get tokens, here is an easy guide to completing AC quickly and effectively.

    1. Do explorer mode (lv 35 so feel free lower levels!)

    2. Get inside and watch the first cut scene, not sure what its about. I think he's whining about a ghost problem. They must have forgotten who you're suppose to call...

    3. Walk through the door, avoid some spike traps on the ground (you will hate these more later).
    -Kill the grave lizard (or whatever it's called)
    -The NPC will bust through a door talking shit about they're traps.

    4. Run through and stay on the left, follow up some stairs to a repair anvil.
    -Wait for the slow ass NPCs to hurry the **** up
    -They start to talk some strats in the cutscene, once over talk to the NPC behind you.

    5. Exit out to a staircase
    -Some girl freaks out about the gaping hole in the basement and it's your job to destroy it.
    -Run down and crush the mound then continue through the door.

    6. TRAPS EVERYWHERE! Just watch out for red circles and dragon heads that puke fire at you.
    -Run through but watch out on the stairs, 3 dragon heads waiting for you.

    7. Next room you need to clear the Gargoyel heads off the wall first (beware, an army of spiders pricks away at your knees)
    -BEWARE about 1 min into this room, a Spider Queen shows up (legendary) just watch out for her poison spit.
    -Once all the traps and smaller spiders are killed, just burn down the queen like a can of raid.

    8. NO CHEST, the next door leads to a staircase but don't go up yet. I know what your thinking, don't.
    -Pull the grave lizard dudes down and fight them at the bottom.
    -Once they die, continue up the stairs
    P.S. The strairs have a crapload of spike traps, don't die and pull the chain at the top on the other side of the door.

    9. Kill a couple more gargoyel heads then take your ass East (or go right) to the bottom of another staircase (should be a door behind you).
    -At the top of these stairs is a ballerina death storm. He charges up and shoots hook at your face (they can be dodges) to drag you in to do some twirl on your face. You die fast!
    -In the event you get pulled in, dodge away as fast as possible, you may live. (Also, hiding out of his LOS can avoid the hooks as well)
    -When hes not hooking, he's just jumping around after someone doing little damage (cripple or bind him helps)
    -Kill him and you get a chest!

    10. Head more east across an old bridge and into a yellow room.
    -Keep to the right and follow along the wall down some more stairs then to a door.
    -Go down these stairs again (it's like they're trying to make you lose weight with all these stairs)
    -Should be flooded at the bottom with green shitty water.

    11. Around the corner to the left is what looks like an altar with some chains. There are also chains up on the left and right of it (on a higher elevation)
    -Pull the chains and see the spikes come up? Now its your turn!
    -Have 1 person on each ledge and 1 on the middle chains.
    -2 people tank as a family of salamanders comes to attack your NPC.
    -Just pull the chains and kill everything as the 2 tanks dance around keeping aggro, (if its 2 guardians, they can afford to even have tea together, they just don't die)
    -Once you kill enough of them, event over, YAY CHEST!

    12. Warp back to the room where you killed that dancer dude and head North
    -Across a bridge and into more lizards.
    -Kill them, head up the stairs and there should be a door.

    13. Pull the lizards through the door in smaller groups (or all at once if your all superheros)
    -Kill them all and head up more stairs (on the LEFT or WESTward)
    -Head through a door

    14. Turn to your left and pull a chain at the end of a tiny hall.
    -An army of goo sucks up through the ground like the T1000.
    -Kill the goo and go through the door the chain opened.

    15. BIG ROOM, walk over to the middle of the 3 broke ass cannons.
    -Some ghost shows up and the NPC bitches about having to do her job and the ghost freaks out
    -She repairs each cannon in a certain amount of time, while she fixes the artillery, ghosts show up to ruin your day (it's the real reason, they care less about the cannons)
    -Kill the ghosts, the Rangers seem to be the biggest pain, then the Necros. So Rangers first, then Necros
    -You do this 3 times (on the 3rd time, sometimes Monks show up, they heal their buddies)
    -You get a...... CHEST

    16. Once all the shit is fixed, then talk to her.
    -Tell her to plant the bait and STFU
    -The biggest lizard in the club shows up and shoots his goo at you.
    -Kill his ass (he usually drops a nice 15s)

    17. DONE! Now collect your rewards and boom! Get enough and rock a cool glowing tool!

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