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    Pistol Whip nerf = Positive change?


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    Pistol Whip nerf = Positive change?

    Post  Rishy on Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:30 am

    With the nerf to Pistol Whip damage by 15%, a lot of players new to thief while hopefully be turned off by playing that build. I see this as a positive change, encouraging people to play other specs and experiment further beyond the insane burst that thieves possess. Hopefully innovation emerges similar to that of the playstyles we see Bladie experimenting with, making thieves more than just a glass cannon - a class that requires finesse and timing rather than just mindless initiation spam to produce big numbers.

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    Re: Pistol Whip nerf = Positive change?

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:33 am

    I'd be happy if there were less thieves out there with Pistol whip builds. Very Happy Cuz truth is everyone can play Pistol whip, but it's hard to actually play other roles with that one sided build. It's a hit and run build, a major burst of damages in 4 seconds maxxed. I've not perfected pistol whipping itself, but I am confident in my hit and run, guerilla method, of mind fucking people. I like to play the terrains to my advantage and trust in my intuition to engage a serious battle or not. I like to erase my presense with the crowd and take out key players, increasing the chances of our victory.

    I'm a sword guy, they cant stop me from using swords! Bladie = bladen = blade = sharp objects Very Happy

    tbh pistol whip was not OP at all, a great price to pay to use it, an easy skill to dodge it, and big sacrifices for rewarding damage results. They should have nerfed it to 10%, not fcking 15%! lmfao Lol but it dont matter, steal and haste is op.

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