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    Scheduled WvWvW

    Post  Alpha Bladie on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:57 am

    The leaders have been notified to resurface the guild into the WvWvW atmosphere. Friday is a 1st priority as the server resets and the beginning is one of the most crucial moments.

    As most of you guys know, Ferguson's Crossing is in a situation where we will never have our own tier. It's either we go up against other servers that are stronger then us, or weaker then us. THis server is already at the bottom of the ranks, so the only choice is to go up! We have to play a big role in helping this server become better and rise up the ranks.

    Up until now sPVP and partying pveing has all been part of the plan into gearing up and training everyone to do more quality WvWvWing. Our leaders have been discussing, debating constantly and helping everyone to become a better player in general for this one purpose. Aeterna is and will forever be a guild that will play a significant part in GvGs.

    We've not asked much except be active, respectful, represent and stay in FC server.

    We are ambitious, and we have long term goals. Let's become the Number one guild in our server alright?! Months and months from now, people will speak of us and how we were responsible for bringing this laughable server into a respectable one.

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