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    Mumble Details

    Post  Toilieban on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:44 am

    Download Mumble Here

    Connection Information:

    Label: Aeterna
    Port: 25812
    Username: (whatever you want.... NO SPACES)

    When you try and connect, it will ask you what the password is. Ensure people come to this topic to find the password. Please do not just tell in guild.

    Password: alphasminions

    Do not give this password out to others!


    Good day folks. Mumble has been great but not fulfilling it's full potential. Some changes have been made and people really need to read to maximize the power.

    First step to get to voice comms bliss.... Register yourself! Doing this will give you added powers in mumble and stop you from having to type in a password again. Even if we change the password! Next I will tell you about some of the functionality.

    To Register:

    On mumble, click Self -> Register

    To make a channel for a pve or pvp party:

    Right click on the General channel, click Add, enter a channel name and click OK! The channel will persist while there is a user in it and be automatically deleted when empty. Please be respectful and don't make entirely inappropriate channel names.

    Add push to talk:

    Configure -> Settings.
    Audio Input Tab (First Tab)
    Under Transmission -> Transmit - Select Push To Talk from the drop down menu.
    Shortcuts Tab - Click the shortcut area for Push-to-Talk and select your hotkey. Don't pick one that you use in game! I use middle mouse button.

    World Vs World

    Please keep these channels for World Vs World!

    These channels are designed to allow a more target orientated approach to wvw. This is needed with our growing guild. When you join a wvw party, you can talk in the corresponding channel. Some wvw leaders have the capacity to talk to ALL channels in wvw. This allows each party to operate individually, selecting tactics appropriate to their specific goals. Obviously where we have less than 2 groups it is still possible to just be in 1 channel.

    Currently, that's all we've done with it. Further things are possible and if there is some features you wish added, please tell me.


    Can't Connect:

    Try these in order.

    - Ensure correct IP and port. Copy / paste from here!
    - Make sure you downloaded the latest version of mumble.
    - Do not use the backward compatability client! This is for OLD servers.
    - We are not a public server. Make sure you aren't trying to add / find one.

    Can't Hear:

    Configure -> Settings -> Ensure Advanced (bottom left) is ticked.
    Audio Input tab -> Interface -> Device Select "Default Device" from the drop down list.

    Note, this can allow you some interesting functionality. For instance, I use my speakers for the game but have specified something other than default device in order for mumble's audio to be sent to my monitor. I find it easier to talk to people "face to face".

    Can't Talk:

    Try these in order.

    - Turn on your microphone.
    - Check your push to talk hotkey is working in mumble. You should be able to see red lips appear on your name when the button is depressed.
    - Turn up your microphone volume.
    Windows Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording Tab -> Microphone. I have my boost set to maximum and 100% volume. Microphones are naturally quiet but yours may be very different!

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    Re: Mumble Details

    Post  Rishy on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:49 pm

    If anyone's still got problems with mumble use, feel free to bug me (Rishy) if Toilie isn't online and I'll try and help you out.

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