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    Exotic Gear! It Can Be Yours!


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    Exotic Gear! It Can Be Yours!

    Post  Yoga on Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:33 pm

    I know most people are working on getting their gear to a high level. I just thought I would post some helpful links. It is pretty dang easy to get geared up quick because of the many outlets. Below is a link to all the armor looks and stats as well as some additional helpful links and info. I am going to be going for multiple sets myself to find optimal builds for ranger.

    God Kharma Gear: This gear is from the Temples in Orr and is purchased with Kharma. It is 42k per piece so 252k total for the set. I've building up a lot of Kharma with WvW over the last week so I figure it will take no time to grab a set from here.

    Dungeon Gear: Your typical gear for currency attained from dungeon runs. Each with it's own respective currency...ugh.

    WvW Gear: Invaders Sets. So many badges! Having trouble finding a link with enough info worth posting. It's power, vit, tough gear.

    Crafted/Purchased: You can always browse your local trading post. A full set with weaps accessories and all will cost you roughly 50g depending on the pieces.


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    Re: Exotic Gear! It Can Be Yours!

    Post  Toilieban on Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:54 am

    Steer clear of the karma gear if you plan on getting legendaries. The dungeon stuff is the easiest to obtain.

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