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    Engineer is a sleeper class.


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    Engineer is a sleeper class.

    Post  Rishy on Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:41 am

    By Sleeper I believe that engineers possess qualities that set them in the top tier of options available in certain roles for sPvP. While Guardians and Staff eles have some amazing bunker builds for point defending, there is great potential in Engineer bunker playstyles with the amount of crowd control and combo fields in their kit. Alongside this option is their burst potential ability that I have witnessed personally against a few exceptional players in recent matches. One of those Engineers players is none other than our guildmate Captdan, who dueled me recently as part of the 'duel Rishy' event and totally took me by surprise by dealing damage on par with that of pre-nerf Pistol Whip thieves and HB Warriors.

    With both defensive and offensive builds available to the class, I can see them filling a wide versatile range of roles in sPvP. The only concern would be the amount of mobility they possess - I haven't done much research into this.

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